As one of the very first woman involved in the web development industry, I designed my first website in 1999, I now ply my trade in sunny Miami where the beaches are just so gorgeous, the food exquisitely exotic and the people, well the people… so darned trendy.

The working hours of a web designer are as crazy as the Miami night life and I like it that way.

I work as freelancer, which means that I am not attached to a particular agency. Which in turns means that I can pick and chose which project I want to work for.

In the past year I have developed sites for an Orlando Web Design Firm and I am just finishing a web design fort Lauderdale project which morphed from a basic site to a really mega authority site for a well known Florida fashion designer.

I don’t actively design adult websites but since I put a post about this on the blog, I have been asked to tip the water in that direction once more and IF I am offered a project which I find interesting, then I might consider it again.

I am here to answer any questions you might have about the designing industry.  Please feel free to ask and if you need a website, just let me know.

Talk to you later,